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A love story with good food and romanity
Passpartout was founded in 2018 by Domenico Marchesani, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the restaurant sector. Behind him, several successful restaurants such as “Mamma Venerina” and “La Venerina”, all located in the Prati area.
Passpartout, however, is different, its concept has nothing to do with the previous restaurant formats created by Marchesani. In fact, Passpartout is a great little gem, set in the heart of Borgo Pio, where residents, offices, students and tourists come and go every day.
Its soul is simple, but its beauty is complex. Entering the place, in fact, it will be difficult to immediately understand how many realities it is composed of: a counter for cafeteria and cocktail bar services, then a small labyrinth will lead you to the first “main” room from which you can already see the pearl of the place through a window, the garden. Turning the corner, you will arrive right there: a lush green space, bordered by the famous “passetto” that still connects Castel Sant’Angelo and San Pietro.
History and beauty, a unique evocative space.

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